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January 7, 2022
By Mike Adkins
Ask a Westerner to define “peace,” and chances are they’ll say something to the tune of “no more fighting.” Webster would agree. The dictionary…
January 7, 2022
By Mike Price
Many times over the craziness of the past two years – and as I face a brand new one – I’ve found myself considering…
January 7, 2022
By Jeanne Harrison
It’s no secret that couples fight about money. It’s a leading cause of divorce, and of something Dr. John Gottman calls “gridlock.” (You know…
January 7, 2022
By Grace Church
Week 1: Generosity – How Sacrificing Empowers Us Our annual theme is “Living in the Fullness of God.” Before listening to the sermon, how…
November 26, 2021
By Josh Dean
Chaos. Exhaustion. Bliss. All words I’d use to describe the past eight weeks since our third child, a baby girl, came home from the…

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