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Week One: How We Are Set Free 

Romans 6:1-7

  1. What does freedom mean to you? 
  2. What is something God has set you free from?
  3. Read Romans 6:1-7. How would you describe your “old self”? What were some practical implications of being “ruled by sin”?
  4. The effects of sin aren’t just behavioral. Sin also shows up in broken thought patterns and beliefs. Take a moment to look at this table of Common Core Beliefs. Which ones resonate?
  5. How do your core beliefs drive your hurt and dysfunction? What are some truths you could claim to counter your negative core beliefs? 


Week Two: Why We Are Set Free

Romans 6:8-16

  1. Read Romans 6:8-11. Paul encourages followers of Christ to count themselves dead to sin. In what sense are we “dead to sin” when we put our faith in Jesus? 
  2. In what sense is dying to sin an ongoing, lifelong process? 
  3. Read Romans 6:12-16. We have a choice in how we live this life. Our choices will be marked by what we give ourselves to. Describe a time when you gave yourself to the wrong thing. 
  4. How has God brought you out of bondage to a particular sin in your life? 
  5. What are the blessings of a life lived in alignment with God? How have you experienced a more beautiful story as a result of giving your life to Christ?  


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