Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication is an opportunity for families to dedicate their infant or young child to God.



Twice a year, we gather all our campuses together to rejoice in the hearts God is transforming through our church.



Grace offers limited pastoral/elder counseling with referrals as necessary, depending on situation and need.

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Financial Assistance

If you are in need of emergency financial assistance, Grace may be able to help. Application required.


Hospital Visits

If you or a family member are in the hospital or have a loved one who is facing the end of life, help us plan a visit.

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Memorial Services

Our pastors perform memorial services for those in our congregation and their family members.

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Need prayer? Submit your request, and we’ll share it only with our confidential prayer team.

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The pastors of Grace Church perform wedding ceremonies for couples who are committed to the local church.


Something else?

Let us know what you need.

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