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Peace is so fleeting – Here one moment then shattered in the next. Our King promises an eternity of peace.


Messiah, who was and is and is to come,


Redeem us. Rescue us. Reveal to us Your salvation. 

Anchor our souls in the hope that You have come and You will come again. 


We confess how often we ignore the anthem of hopeful redemption 

that creation joyously sings.

All things are being made new.This is the promise.

In the despair that envelops us, lift our eyes to our future. 

Awaken in us a desire for the more beautiful story. 


With eager anticipation, we look ahead to the good on the horizon. 

In the here and now, may Your hope be our song. 


Take a few deep, steadying breaths as you reread the words of confession above. Focus on any particular phrases that stand out to you and repeat them out loud. Why do these phrases stand out to you? What do they reveal about your longing and Christ’s ability to fulfill every need? Talk to God about these phrases.



Christ Jesus, Light of the World, 


You stepped into our cold, dark existence

and brought brilliant light and abundant joy.

You authored this grand work of redemption. 

You set in motion our eternal freedom. 

You spoke divine harmony into the dissonance.


We confess that we neglect to live in joy. 

Our hearts are brittle with superficial sorrow. 

We center ourselves on our circumstances, 

rather than Your Kingdom.


Give us confidence that You will complete the good You began.

Carry us forward through this life 

 to be beacons of Your light and joy.


Take a moment to remember the good. How has Jesus brought light and joy into your life? Close your eyes and reflect on His faithfulness.



Immanuel, our God who is with us, 


In a perfect demonstration of love, 

You have come to rescue Your people.

Though we were separated by sin, 

love has reconciled us to You.

Our God is love. Of this we are certain. 


Forgive us for giving authority

 to powers of darkness and despair. 

Assure us that our God is for us 

and His love stands with us. 

Because of Christ and his Cross, 

 we know that we are secure.


Throughout our lives and into the hereafter, 

let Your love guide us. 

May we live in it. 

May we demonstrate it. 

May it define us. 


Jesus Christ is the embodiment of perfect love. Laying aside majesty that far surpasses our experience and becoming one of us, His love shines as a light that beckons us to follow Him. Walking with him, we are empowered to display the same love that brought us salvation. What next step can you take today to follow Him more wholeheartedly?



Prince of our Eternal Peace, 


Your reign spans the universe, yet it resides in us. 

Though we were far away, You came near. 

In our absence, You are present. 


We confess our doubt and distrust. 

How we long for certainty!

How we long for assurance!

In our desperation, 

we cry out and You are right here. 

Reveal Yourself to us as all we need. 


Draw us near to You, Jesus. 

Quiet the chaos and confusion around us. 

Give us peace. 



Peace is so fleeting – Here one moment then shattered in the next. Our King promises an eternity of peace. He whispers into the chaos and stills the storm of our heart. His presence is our peace. Breathe deep. He is here and He is peace.

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