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Without Jesus there is no kingdom and no sanctuary...

Every week at Grace, we practice corporate confession. It’s one of the ways we live out our House Rule of Modern Liturgy: We build history into modern services because we are called to carry an ancient faith into the future.

There’s power in publicly and corporately confessing our need for Jesus. There’s also power in doing it privately and individually. The following is our Kingdom Confession. You may recognize it from our Grace services. Here, I’ve dug a little deeper to provide an opportunity for personal reflection.

Kingdom Confession

Jesus, our King eternal, 

Pause and meditate on these four words. Speak them out loud: Jesus our King eternal.

Every kingdom has a King. Imagine yourself bowing at the feet of King Jesus. Feel His love and mercy embrace you as you willingly surrender to Him.

In You, all things live and move and have their being. 

Your rule and reign establish our perfect kingdom and holy sanctuary. 

This Kingdom of love defines our aim and deepest desire.

Without Jesus there is no kingdom and no sanctuary. Take a moment to confess the ways in which you resist the rule and reign of Jesus in your life. Ask God to let His Kingdom of love define your deepest desire (Psalm 37:4).

We confess we’ve settled for far less than You have for us. 

Placing our hope in the brittle systems of the world, 

we become anxious and misguided when they fail us.  

Where have you settled for less than God has for you? Where have you placed your hope outside of Jesus, only to become anxious and misguided? As you reflect on these questions, take several slow, steadying breaths. As you exhale, release every object of false hope. As you inhale, welcome the good God has for you in Christ.

Enable us by Your Spirit to shine a love brighter than the sun. 

May we be a people who yield Kingdom fruit in this world.

Give us humility, as we serve those around us. 

Love. Fruitfulness. Humility. Consider opening your hands in a posture of submission as you pray these final words out loud.


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