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Week One: Gathering – Creating Sanctuary

I PETER 2:4-10

  • What comes to mind when you think of the word “sanctuary”?
  • What do you run to in times of stress? What is your sanctuary?
  • Briefly skim this 2-minute read by Pastor Mike in the Grace magazine. What are some other words you would use to describe the current cultural climate?
  • Read I Peter 2:4-10. How is gathering as the church directly tied to creating sanctuary?
  • Do you value gathering? What keeps you from gathering as the church?

Week Two: Serving – Sharing the Sanctuary

I PETER 2:11-17

  • What does a safe person / sanctuary look like?
  • Who has been a sanctuary for you in the past? How were they a safe place for you?
  • Are you a sanctuary for other people? How can you become a safe place for others in different areas of your life – in marriage, parenting, friendships, your online presence?
  • If you serve on Team Grace, how does your particular ministry area provide sanctuary for others?
  • Was there a time when you sensed God using your service to refresh someone else? Tell us about it.

Week Three: Belonging – Experiencing Sanctuary

I PETER 2:8-15

  • Describe a time when you felt a strong sense of belonging or lack of belonging. What made you feel that way?
  • How could you be part of helping others experience a sense of belonging in the church?
  • Read I Peter 2:8-15. Peter tells the insiders of the church that the only way they will experience the blessing they are called to is through unity. They belong to one another, and they should act like it in word and deed. What are enemies of unity?
  • What are specific ways we can promote unity, whether at work, at home, or within the church?
  • Give an example of a time when you chose to repay evil with a blessing. How did it feel? What were the results?

Week Four: Giving – Empowering Sanctuary

I PETER 1:13-21

  • Read I Peter 1:13-21. Where are you tempted to set your hope apart from Christ? Why do you put your hope in this particular area?
  • How would you summarize the main principles in this passage in your own words?
  • Which particular verse or phrase strikes you the most and why?
  • As you reflect on this series, what were your biggest takeaways regarding sanctuary?
  • Would you say you’ve grown in experiencing sanctuary? If so, how? Have you grown in becoming a sanctuary for others? Tell us about it.

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