Prayer for the brokenness of our communities.


Father of compassion and God of all comfort,

Sin has corrupted the unity and beauty that you created. The world is full of pride, anger, discrimination, famine, and disease. Every day we experience the effect of sin as we interact in the communities that surround us. Every day we experience the effect of sin in our own lives and in the lives of those that we dearly love. There are many idols that falsely offer hope and relief, but your word teaches us that salvation and true peace can only be found in Jesus, our redeemer.

God of grace, Increase our burden for our city and communities. We pray that the Holy Spirit will weed out the sin in our own lives and will open our eyes and hearts to the brokenness that surrounds us. Direct our path and conversations. Help us to share the love and kindness that we have received in Christ.

God of grace, We pray that the gospel will be boldly proclaimed in our local churches; that our churches would be places for the broken, unwanted, and hurting and that Christ would be offered as the only remedy for the very thing we cannot do: make ourselves whole.

It is only by the power of the Holy Spirit that we can truly love others. Empower us to carry your great commission to those around us and help us to effectively partner with you in restoring life to our broken world.



Prayer written by Worship Pastor Chad Wyatt