Contagious Fun: We enjoy our work and each other.

How do you define fun? It’s probably different for each person walking through the doors of Grace Church.

For some, fun may be seeing your buddies each week, catching up and cracking jokes. Fun may look like dancing in the graceKIDS! live room with your second grade boys small group. Fun might be singing or serving with all your heart. Fun may even look like standing in the rain with a poncho, leading cars to their parking places with a foam finger (bless you!). We consistently host fun events, pop-ups, team huddles, and rallies.

Grace’s goal for all this Contagious Fun is to offer both energy and ease — to create a place where you feel comfortable and loved and want to find God. We want you to let loose if that’s you — heck, some of you feel so comfortable you dance in your seat during worship (and we love it!) — or be still and know God. But why?

When fun is contagious, we draw others to the person and glory of God. 

For some, the idea of “fun” at church is a difficult concept due to past experiences, strained relationships, or hurts left unhealed. I think at times we’ve all rolled into church carrying a weight of anger, grief or frustration that felt almost too heavy to bear. So what’s so unique about your experience in this church?

When I think of the “contagious fun” found within the walls of our campuses, it seems to so easily travel hand in hand with many of our other culture statements. Our greatest sources of joy are through Grace-centered truth, genuine family, extraordinary servanthood, and so on. When you walk through the doors of Grace — whether that be on a Saturday night, Sunday morning or for a Tuesday morning Bible study — the prayers and plans of Grace’s leaders are that you are filled to overflowing in your particular need in life.

This filling isn’t solely because of anything Grace has done, but rather because of the foundation Grace is built upon: the hope and love of Jesus. Our fun bursts from people because of the anthem we live out. We serve, attend, study, sing, play with toddlers, lead small groups and belong to Team Grace because of this shared mission. When our fun is contagious, we draw others to the person and glory of God.

Our joy comes from our Hope. Grace doesn’t answer your problems with fun and certainly doesn’t place having fun as the main solution to the challenges in your life. Grace just offers a way to process hardships while having fun with the things we do, the people we interact with, and the experiences we share.

Fun is relative to each person, but for us it’s the overflow of joy — individualized joy for each person because we have been affected by a relational God. Grace offers an encounter with God, and that truly is contagious, all-consuming, smiling-till-your-cheeks-hurt fun. And we have our ultimate fun watching you grow, watching you connect, and watching you become more like Jesus. 

For what is our hope or joy or crown of boasting before our Lord Jesus at his coming? Is it not you? For you are our glory and joy.

1 Thessalonians 2:19-20