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Every year at Grace, we focus on an annual theme. It’s a spiritual vision to help us remember who we are and who we are becoming. Our 2024 annual theme is The Kindness of God. We’ll be focusing primarily on Titus 2-3 in the next several weeks, taking a deep dive into the many implications of God’s kindness. 

Honestly, Grace, this is already who we are. We are a people who have been changed by God’s kindness. One of the things I love most about Grace is the overwhelming love of God that flows through our people. At the same time, this is also who we are becoming. We’re continually growing more like Jesus as we trust God and “devote ourselves to doing what is good” (Titus 3:8). 

This means that through the kindness and salvation of God, we are a changed —  and a changing — people. We’re not perfect, but God is perfecting us one simple step at a time. 

As you prepare for our January sermon series, take some time to sit with Jesus. Feel free to use the devotionals my wife, Kelly, and I have prepared. Begin asking God to open your heart to whatever He wants to reveal to you. Commit yourself to listening to whatever He may say, and obeying Him by faith. 

This is how the world will come to repentance – through the kindness of God.

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