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Stewarding the Story | September 9 – November 25

September 9: I Samuel 16:1-23
How is David different than the man Samuel expected to be anointed king? Describe a time in your life where you expected one thing, but God delivered in unexpected ways.
Though God anointed David as His choice for king, David did not actually rule as king until many years later. How did David spend his time? Share a time in your life when you felt God had you in a “holding pattern”. How did you handle it?
David was anointed king, yet became a servant to Saul. Why do you think the LORD planned it this way? Why does God have you where you are today?’

Read Isaiah 53:2-6. What similarities do you see between God’s choice of David as king and God’s choice of Jesus as King?
Looking back on your life to this point, into what roles has God called you? How has he shaped you for that role? Were you, like David, the opposite of what people expected?

September 16: I Samuel 17:1-58

What was David’s motivation in challenging Goliath? What can we learn about David and his character in this section?
Anytime we read bible stories, we’re tempted to see ourselves as one of the characters. Who does the author intend for us to see ourselves as in this story? How does that help us better understand the purpose?
David finds courage and strength by looking back on God’s past faithfulness as assurance of his future faithfulness (e.g. defeating lions and bears). Share a specific example when God has been faithful to you in the past and a way it can cause you to trust God more in a present struggle?
As one of the most popular bible stories in our culture, has your view of this chapter changed after studying it? If you were to describe the story of David and Goliath to a friend, what would be your focus?

September 23: I Samuel 18:1-30
Have you ever been usurped from a promotion or job you thought should have been yours? What lesson can be learned from the way Jonathan treated David?
From a worldly perspective, talk about David’s various roles and positions. Were they promotions or demotions? How did God use Saul’s anger and fear to place David where he wanted him?
Do you think David is attempting to outmaneuver Saul’s devious plans? What else could explain his actions? What can we learn from David’s posture in the marriage proposals?
How has Saul’s character developed over the course of this book? If you were to look at your narrative, how would your character be described over time to this point? Are you lacking faith in God in any areas of your life right now? Let your Grace Community pray for you now about these areas, and trust that God can meet you in it.

September 30: I Samuel 19:1-24

Compare and contrast the major characters in this chapter. How would you describe each person’s relationship to David?
Jonathan is very bold to stand up to the king and call him out on his sin. Have you ever done something similar? How did the other person respond? Is there someone in your life that would benefit from your boldness now?
Do you think Saul was genuine when he swore an oath to Jonathan that David was not going to be put to death?
This is the first time we see David flee from Saul. Was David still trusting in the Lord when he ran from his enemy? Where do we draw the line between faith for protection and wisdom to flee?

October 7: I Samuel 20:1-42

Here we see Jonathan putting his reputation on the line for David. Have you ever done the same for a friend? For Christ? What was the outcome?
How does our culture view oaths and promises? How does that compare to biblical times?
How did a wicked man like Saul have a son like Jonathan?
After confirming that Saul intended to kill David, why does Jonathan tell him to “go in peace?” What can we learn from Jonathan in this story?
Read Romans 5:1-5. How does this passage speak to our message from 1 Samuel 20? How are you being challenged by this passage?

 October 14: I Samuel 21:1-22:5
Here we see David in a tough spot in life. A man without a home, separated from his wife and best friend. Have you ever felt your life was in the same place?
Psalm 34 is written during this time of David’s life. Take some time to read the passage. Compare and contrast David’s words in the psalm and the story told in 1 Samuel. Did you first read our text in 1 Samuel with a different impression of what David must be thinking?
What does Ahimelech offer David to eat? Was there anything wrong with David’s eating this food?
We see David lie twice in this passage for the purpose of self preservation. Was David in sin to lie? How is this reconciled with the fact that David is declared a “man after God’s own heart?”

October 21: I Samuel 22:6-23
Why was Saul’s response to the priest so severe?
Why were Saul’s officials unwilling to raise a hand against the priest? Why was Doeg different? Do you think he went beyond Saul’s wishes, or was he in line with Saul?
Ahimelek defended David’s character when confronted by Saul. If you were accused of something, how would your reputation stand up?
Does David blame himself for the deaths of Ahimelek’s family? Why? What does this show us about his character and concern for others?

October 28: I Samuel 23:1-29 
How does David differ in this story compared to last week?
Do you often seek God in prayer during times of trouble, like David does here? Do you wait long enough or listen closely enough to hear God through your circumstances?
Saul was hugely jealous of David’s successes and the people’s love for him. Are you able to celebrate other people’s successes, achievements, and blessings, and enjoy seeing them built up? Why do we sometimes find this hard?
Who are the ‘Jonathans’ in your life? Do you take time to help others find strength in God? What kind of things could you do to encourage others in their faith this week?

November 4: I Samuel 24:1-22
Have you ever been wronged by someone else and been given the opportunity to retaliate? Did you?
David knew God’s will was for him to be king, but the “how” was less clear. Here David is being tested to take the shortcut to become king. How are you sometimes tested or tempted to take the shortcut to bring about God’s will in your life?
How does Saul’s response to David sound to you? Do you think he is truly remorseful, or is he just putting on a show? What is the impact either way?
Many of us have been wronged by people and are still holding grudges against them. Who is someone in your life that you need to forgive? Pray with your Grace Community that the Lord would strengthen you to have the resolve of David here.

November 11: I Samuel 25:1-44
Why do you think that Nabal is so rude to the messengers? Do you think David’s response was warranted?
Abigail is used by God to intervene and prevent David from sinning in his anger. If you had an “Abigail” intervene in your life, what situation would they talk to you about?
Our story begins with David enraged, but ends with him at peace. How can we find the same peace in the moments where everything seems against us? What can we do when we don’t have an “Abigail” show up to calm us down?
Read Romans 12:17-21. What is Paul’s instruction concerning revenge? What action should a follower of Jesus take when wronged by someone?

November 18: I Samuel 26:1-25
Who do you trust to walk through difficult times with you? How do you discern whether their advice is Godly?
David had an opportunity to rid himself of Saul and his attempts to kill him, but did not because he knew the Lord had a plan for Saul. How do you trust God to work out His plan in your life?
Have you ever had an opportunity to act in a way you knew was not within God’s will? How did you respond, and what was the outcome?
Why does David want Saul to stop pursuing him? (vs. 19-20)  When you are going through a difficult situation how does that affect your relationship with God? Do you want to draw closer to Him, or do you pull away?
Read Psalm 54. How does this enlighten your understanding of this Psalm after reading 1 Samuel 26? How do you remember the ways in which God has helped you?

November 25: I Samuel 27:1-31:13  
In 1 Samuel 26, we see how much faith David has in God’s plans. What has changed in the beginning of chapter 27? What do you do when you question your future?
God was silent when Saul called on him because he had not been following God’s revealed will for him. Have you gone through a time of silence from God when you were living disobediently?
Have you ever been in a place where you had too much of the world in you to be at peace with God, or too much of God in you to be at peace with the world? What helped you to stop straddling the fence?
We see in chapter 30 that God hears the cries of His people. Do you need more strength for today? How can your Grace Community be praying for you right now?
Even in the midst of Saul’s death, God is at work to establish his kingdom. What comfort does this give you as you face trials in life?


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