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Week One: How to Change

Titus 2:11-15

  1. As we enter a new sermon series, would you say you have a clear understanding of the kindness of God? Why or why not? 
  2. Is there a difference between your intellectual understanding of God’s kindness and your felt experience? If so, what’s the disconnect?
  3. Read Titus 2:11-15. In light of the struggle Paul describes, what promises of God give you hope? 
  4. What change do you hope to see in your life as we begin this new year?
  5. What is your next step to begin working toward change in your life?


Week Two: How to Have Right Motives

Titus 3:1-3

  1. Share a moment where someone spoke truth to you in love. How did it impact you?
  2. Read Titus 3:1-3. What is your gut reaction to these verses, and why do you feel that way?
  3. How can we let God’s Word and His Holy Spirit redefine our morality? 
  4. What is your next step in displaying kindness to someone in your life who really needs it?
  5. If “loving your neighbor” is the ultimate goal of sharing any truth, how does that impact the way you speak to others at work, home, school, etc?


Week Three: How to Find Love

Titus 3:4-7

  1. Read Titus 3:4-7. Why do you think humans tend to feel the need to contribute something to their salvation?
  2. How have you grown in receiving and living out of God’s grace instead of your own effort? 
  3. Where do you still struggle to receive His grace?
  4. How does it impact your view of self to know God will always give you His best even when you don’t give Him your best? 
  5. Who in your life needs to know the kindness of God? Spend time in prayer for them.


Week Four: How to Choose Your Priorities

Titus 3:8-11

  1. Read Titus 3:8-11. Are there controversies that have pulled you in before? How did it impact unity with others in your life?
  2. What are some practical ways we can “avoid foolish controversies and arguments”? 
  3. One definition of legalism is “making big things small and small things big.” Where have you seen that to be true in your own life?
  4. The Scriptures tell us to be “devoted to doing good.” What is your next step toward doing good?
  5. What were your biggest takeaways throughout this series? How can we be praying for you in 2024?

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