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When you’re feeling anxious, it can be helpful to ask yourself questions to understand your feelings better and manage them effectively. Here are five questions to consider:

1. What am I feeling anxious about?

Anxiety can stem from multiple sources or be triggered by something specific. Identifying what is taking up the most space in your anxiety bubble can provide clarity and help you address it directly. Write down 1-2 things that feel the biggest, and then go to Step 2.

2. Is this fear based on facts or assumptions?

Anxiety is often fueled by hypothetical scenarios or assumptions based on something that is true. Filter through and determine what is fact and what is assumption, which will help you distinguish between genuine concerns and irrational fears.

3. What evidence do I have that supports or refutes my anxious thoughts?

Challenge your anxious thoughts by examining the evidence for and against them. Try inserting the phrase, “It is possible that…” followed by a more positive interpretation. Consider alternative explanations and scenarios and give them space to exist alongside the fear. 

4. What has helped with similar situations in the past? 

Reflect on your past experiences dealing with anxiety or similar challenges. What coping mechanisms or strategies have worked for you before? Drawing from past successes can provide you with tools and insights to manage your current anxiety more effectively.

5. How can I care for myself right now?

Focus on healthy coping strategies to alleviate your anxiety in the present moment. This could involve relaxation techniques, reaching out to a supportive friend or family member, taking a break to engage in a favorite hobby, going outside, or moving your body. Identifying actionable steps can empower you to feel in control of your emotions.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with anxious thoughts is to be kind to yourself. Pay attention to the voice in your head, and offer yourself the same gentleness you would a dear friend. Remember that the Lord promises never to leave us, so invite him into your overwhelming moments and rest in knowing that He cares.

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