Summer is a great time to take a step in serving — no questions or commitments asked! 

We’d love for you to try out a team one weekend. It gives our regular volunteers who might be vacationing a break, and it might just show you a place where you can immediately fit in a make friends.  Let us know what you’d love to try!

Care & Counseling

Whether it’s visiting someone in the hospital or assisting someone through a difficult time with practical help or advice, this team meets the needs of the poor and hurting.


Photographers, writers, videographers, designers and editors use their skills to spread the gospel message.

Grace Communities

This team opens homes, hosts groups, leads studies or coaches others who do, all for the sake of deepening connections, care and growth at Grace.


This team invests their creativity, time and talents to help kids know, serve and love their God – so they can grow up into a church that does the same. Opportunities to serve on weekends and during the week, too.


Remember how tough middle and high school were? These volunteers do, too. That’s why they invest in the lives of students.


As long as our church is innovative and has portable and flexible spaces, this team will be the backbone of Grace. It takes a big crew to set up and reset our spaces each week, but it’s the one big thing that helps all the little things happen.

Guest Services & Hospitality

From preparing refreshments to answering questions to being a friendly face, these teams makes Grace feel like home.

Office Volunteers

The Church is the people. These are the people who help us keep in touch with the people.

Worship: Platform and Creative Tech

These artist and technical volunteers lay the foundation for our worship and the teaching of the Word — vocals, band, service producers, audio and lighting engineers, camera operators, and production managers.

Try a Team