March 24, 2021

Sermon Discussion Questions: Palm Sunday and Easter

By Grace Church

Palm Sunday

Matthew 21:6-11; Matthew 16:13-18

  1. Growing up, did your family have any special traditions for Palm Sunday or Easter? What kinds of traditions do you have now?
  2. Read Matthew 21:6-11, focusing on verse 10. If someone were to ask you the question, “Who is Jesus?” how would you respond? 
  3. Grace Church produces an online magazine to accompany each sermon series. In the current magazine, five people share different views of Jesus. Listen to the titles of these articles: Jesus the Principal, Jesus the Boyfriend, Jesus the Politician, Jesus the Spectator, and Jesus the Tooth Fairy. Without even reading the articles, which of those titles resonates the most with you and why? If you were asked to share your own story of an incomplete view of Jesus, what would you write about?
  4. Why do you think we develop incomplete or inaccurate views of Jesus? Why is it harmful? 
  5. One of our core values at Grace is Simple Steps: Everyone has a next step and we make it easy to find yours. What are some practical steps we can take to constantly grow in our understanding of Christ and our relationship with Him? 


Easter Weekend

John 20:1-10; John 21:3-12

  1. Read John 20:1-10. Put yourself in the disciples shoes. What emotions might they have felt in this passage? What thoughts might have run through their minds? 
  2. When was the last time you experienced disappointment with God, or fear that He wouldn’t come through? How did you cope with it? 
  3. Read John 21:3-12. Describe the disciples’ different responses when they finally recognized Jesus. Are you more of a “Peter” or a “finish rowing the boat to shore” kind of person? How does your temperament influence your relationship with Jesus?
  4. Despite Peter’s sin and failure (see Luke 22:54-62), Jesus invites Peter to dine with Him. What does this say about the heart of Christ? How have you experienced the grace of God recently?
  5. Who in your life, like Peter, needs to experience the redemptive love of Jesus? Will you invite them into the genuine family of Grace Church so they can take a next step toward Christ? This is a great time to invite others to join us as we kick-off a new sermon series next week called “Practical Faith,” a study of the book of James.

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