Live Life Unstoppable: Weekly Reflections


In this series, we are intentionally studying and praying to expand our influence for the gospel of Jesus Christ with our family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Think through the following questions after each week’s teaching to help you begin to live with gospel intentionality. Listen to series messages from your campus here.


Scriptures: John 11:1-16

Why do you think that John stresses how much Jesus loved Lazarus, Mary, and Martha?

Though Jesus loved Lazarus, he doesn’t seem shaken by the news of his illness or death. How can this give us comfort?

Imagining Mary and Martha waiting on Jesus for 2 days; it must have been difficult to remain patient. Have you ever experienced a time where God seemed to be slow to answer prayers? What can this story help us to understand about God’s timing?

As we prepare to have spiritual conversations with our three people we’re praying for, one of the best ways is to share how God has worked in a specific time or place in your life. Find a friend and practice sharing those stories. Remember, you’re not selling anything here  — you’re simply sharing ways you’ve seen God work through your life.

FOCUS ON YOUR FRIENDS. The beauty of community is that we’re not called to be a single voice to the lost. Instead, we can invite our lost friends into our lives and our friendships with other Christians. Plan a time in the next week or two where you can invite your friends to join you at church or for a night out with your Grace Community.


Scriptures: John 10:22-42

What assurances do believers get from verse 28?  Is this something you’ve ever been worried about?

Jesus tells us in John 10:29 that the Church is the Father’s gift to the Son. What does that tell you about God, Jesus, and the Church?

Write out the 5 categories that take up the most amount of your time. Within those times and places, how can you be a better witness for Christ?  With whom can you have deep and meaningful conversations?

While most people are open to being friendly, their schedules don’t have margin to develop a real friendship. What do you need to add, modify, or remove from your schedule to create that space for intentional friendships with lost people?

In groups of three or four, share a story about one of the three people you’ve been praying for. Take turns praying with each other for the lost sheep God has placed in your life.


Scriptures: John 10:1-21

What can we learn about Jesus’ character through this passage?

How does Jesus contrast himself from “the thief” and “the hired hand” in this passage?

As his sheep, we are to follow after Jesus. When in your life has it been the most difficult to follow his voice?

How can we cultivate the same heart for the lost that Jesus displays in this story?

Spend some time thinking through the people God has placed in your life: Family, Friends, Neighbors, and Co-workers. Write down three names and commit to pray for them throughout this series. Share these names with someone in your Grace Community so they can help keep you accountable for praying for them.