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2024 Grace Confession and Corporate Prayers


These are confessions and prayers from our 2024 worship services, written by Ministry Development Pastor, Mike Price.

The Kindness of God: Weeks 1-2

Themes: Power, Strength, Truth, Reliance, Good vs Evil

We look to You, God of all power,

Our everlasting stronghold.
Our foundation and righteousness.
Your infinite reign spans
ten thousand generations.

We confess that we often give up the fight that You’ve already won.
Forgive us for our passive indifference.
Empower us by Your Holy Spirit
to overcome the ways of the world.
Captivate our hearts and sanctify our minds.

Keep us from being entangled by spiritual schemes set against us.
Let Your truth set us free from the destructive lies of the enemy.
Fix our eyes on Your goodness and glory.


The Kindness of God: Week 4

Themes: Unity, Redemption, Forgiveness, Kingdom

Christ, our redeemer,

We stand in awe of the forgiveness You offer.
Though we are unworthy of Your grace,
You lavish it on us with a radical abundance.

We confess that we do not always forgive
as we have been forgiven.
Our hearts become hardened by resentment and bitterness.
We trade unity for dissension.
Free us from this burden.

Sanctify us for Your Kingdom and cause.
Call us to kindness.
May we always rejoice in the blessings of others.


The Kindness of God: Week 3

Themes: Love, Community, Teaching, Healing, Presence

Lord Jesus,

You are the friend of sinners.
Though we run from Your goodness,
You wholeheartedly pursue us in love.

We confess our inability to grasp the depth of Your love for us.
Teach us as we look to You as our example.
Heal us as we lean on You as our Savior.
Be in our midst as we live in community with one another.

May we model Your kindness as Your people.
Let our lives point each other to our Redeemer.
Establish our purpose and root our motives in Your abundant love.
Saturate our hearts with Your presence.


The Kindness of God: Week 2

Themes: Sacrifice, Service, Rights, Eternal

Christ, who became a servant to all,

Laying aside all of heaven and humbling Yourself,
You came to rescue Your people.
Your sacrifice frees us to lay down our lives for others.

We confess how we often parade our liberty
in selfish pursuit of our own pleasure or gain.
Call us to be immeasurably more for Your glory and Your Kingdom.
Sustain us as we sacrificially serve those around us.

Bring a fresh outpouring of Your Holy Spirit to Your people.
May we bring the kindness of our God to our city.
Keep our hearts burning to see You move among us.


The Kindness of God: Week 1

Themes: Kindness, Gathering, Transcendence, Community, Glory

God of all creation,

You transcend the farthest galaxies,
yet reside in the hearts of Your people.
You call us together from every corner of the earth
to proclaim the glory of Your great name.

Forgive us for neglecting Your calling on our lives.
As we live in community, may we embody the kindness of our King.
Give us favor in our city to share the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus.

May we be shaped by Your loving kindness.
Fill our hearts with the fullness of Your grace.
Fill our souls with the fullness of Your goodness.
Fill our minds with the fullness of Your wisdom.


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