Next Steps
Fall 2020

New? Start with NEXT.

Our NEXT membership classes are designed to help us get to know each other — and to get you connected.

Next Step #1:

Discover Grace

The history and vision of Grace, including the whys behind our model, our culture, and our worship services.

Next Step #2:

Discover Truth

Explore the gospel, the spiritual reasons for baptism, and Grace’s statement of faith, and learn how to live out your faith as a member of Grace.

Next Step #3:

Discover Purpose

Uncover your spiritual gifts and your passions and explore opportunities for serving and community at Grace.

Upcoming Classes

Our first fall round of NEXT Classes is open to all campuses and will be hosted  online and in person:

Discover Grace | Sun Nov 1 at 12:30p

Discover Truth | Sun Nov 8 at 12:30p

Discover Purpose | Sun Nov 15 at 12:30p

Register and we’ll see you there!