I Am Jonah

I’ve never found it particularly difficult to be gracious — with myself, that is. When I’m speeding through my neighborhood, it’s because I’m late for something important, or it’s been a difficult day, the kids are sick, and speeding is entirely reasonable. Of course, when I’m relaxing outside and a stranger whizzes by, I shake […]

Christianity and the Dark Night of the Soul

Months ago, when we began discussing a sermon series on Jonah, the thought of a man living inside a fish sounded like crazy talk. My five-year-old would call it “ridicklyous.” (I love it when she crosses her arms and exclaims, “This is just ridicklyous!”) These days, we’re a little more acquainted with the ridicklyous. What […]

Chasing My Jonahs

Over the past several months I have found some eye-opening revelations in the book of Jonah. You remember Jonah: the guy famous for running from God. Maybe it’s because I have historically had a tendency to be a “runner” myself, but I have always viewed the story of Jonah from the perspective of Jonah. As […]

God’s Relentless Pursuit

My cousin, sister, and I used to spend our middle school summers at my grandmother’s house in southern West Virginia. We spent the summers playing with the neighborhood kids, bickering as pubescent girls do, and pulling pranks on my Nanny. She was generally easy-going and fun, but we knew she did not play when it […]

Monday Moments: Sermon Notes and Discussion (May 11)

What a hope-filled message we heard from Pastor Mike this week! What we chase in life determines our race in life. May we be a people who chases Christ alone, our greatest source of joy and peace. If you haven’t had a chance to catch the online worship experience this week, you can do so […]

Isolation without Solitude: The Unique Sting of Social Distancing

As a writer, I think a lot about words. About the subtle connotations, the nuances that make one word forgettable and another evocative. Whenever I come across a word I don’t know, I write it down. Liminal. Quotidian. Palaver. I love words. Lately I’ve been thinking about two words that are so similar, they could […]

Monday Moments: Sermon Notes and Discussion (May 4)

“Contentment” is such a promising word. It whispers of peace, joy, enough. Yesterday, Pastor Grant taught us that the opposite of scarcity isn’t abundance; it’s contentment in Christ, which frees us to be generous.  If you haven’t had a chance to catch the online worship experience this week, you can do so here. Personal Devotional […]

Understanding Social Trauma and the Role of the Church

I am no stranger to trauma, both in my own life and in the lives of others. Chances are, neither are you. The word “trauma” literally means “wound” in Greek. In a world broken by sin, wounds are inevitable. What makes our current circumstances unique, is that we are experiencing worldwide, collective trauma. Counselors call […]

How to Pray without Words

Once, in the throes of adolescence, I vowed never to speak to my mom again. I was so mad that I stormed off to my room, slammed the door, and indulged in a deliciously vengeful daydream. I imagined her tears as the days gave way to decades, her regret when she wasn’t invited to my […]

Preparing for Winter

I recently listened to an interview in which Andy Crouch explained that strategizing a response to a crisis requires evaluating the potential duration of the event. He likened the span of a crisis to being either “snow day,” “blizzard,” or “winter.” A snow day is a blip in time, a minor inconvenience—perhaps even a welcome […]