Weddings at Grace

Wedding ceremonies for couples in the local church

The Pastors of Grace Church perform wedding ceremonies for couples that are committed to the local church. Grace Church is dedicated to working with these couples so that they understand what God wants for them as presented Biblically.

In order to perform your wedding ceremony, we ask that you meet the following requirements:

  • Be in attendance at one of Grace Church’s campuses for a minimum of six months.
  • Be committed to joining a Grace Community.
  • Complete a Marriage Ceremony Request Form for both Bride and Groom
  • Schedule a date for your wedding in agreement with the Pastor performing the ceremony.
  • Complete a Pre-Marriage Counseling Course with one of the Pastors.
  • Obtain a valid marriage license from the Clerk of Courts in your county of residence and deliver it to the Pastor a minimum of five days before the wedding.
  • When the counseling is completed in a satisfactory manner, Grace Church will provide a certificate of completion that meets the requirements of most Florida counties.


The Grace Church facility is available on a limited basis for wedding rentals. Our Pastors have also performed ceremonies at dozens of beautiful spaces around Central Florida, and we’d be happy to offer suggestions.


There will be a $100 fee to cover the cost of the pre-marital counseling, and compensation for the pastor’s participation as Officiator in the ceremony will be $250.00 plus any associated costs with travel outside of Orlando. Staff and key volunteers at Grace may have their fees waived; please inquire.