Grace-Centered Truth

Grace-centered truth: We challenge people to be their best and love them at their worst.  Some churches are all about truth. They focus on rules and regulations — how to behave and what to do. Their faith is often joyless, and although they know God saved them in grace, the rest of daily life is […]

Why We Gather

If you asked any Christ-follower the question “what is the benefit of regularly attending a weekly corporate worship service?”” — what would be their response? Common answers might include “it makes me feel good,” “I love the kids ministry,” or “I learn so much from our pastor’s sermons.” Often, the answer would be inward-focused, and […]

Finding Joy

On as many Fridays as possible, I slather my fair-skinned children in sunscreen, we put on our matching shirts, and my husband and I slip away with the family to “The Happiest Place on Earth.” We stroll together down the idyllic Main Street USA, where every square inch is manicured, maintained, and downright magical. The […]

Five Ways to Pray More

New Year Prayers

Prayer is the key to unlocking power in our lives with Christ. Here are five ways to help you create a rhythm of prayer in your life. Pray the Psalms. The Psalms are songs, prayers and petitions that God accepts even when we don’t understand Him or things aren’t going our way — we know, because […]

The Winslow’s Story: Addiction and the Church

The Winslows' Story: Grace Church

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our 2018 Christmas Offering will wrap up our two-year giving initiative by supporting its final goal — to launch our care and counseling ministries at Grace in the coming year.  This fall at Grace, we have been learning about stewarding people’s stories well — meeting them where they are and caring for them well in […]

Three Ways to Find Rest This Holiday Season

ways to find life this holiday season

Our father in Heaven sent Jesus into the world to heal the broken story of humanity — the story that we rebelled and turned away from Him. We chose to go our own way. And therefore we often find ourselves outside of His blessings — trying to do life on our own terms. The result? […]

Everyone’s a Leader

Maybe you spend your days cleaning up after children or sitting in a cubicle. Maybe you’re unemployed, or maybe you’re in a dead-end job you can’t wait to get out of. Maybe you have a boss, but you wish you were the boss. You might think you’re not a leader, but you are. The famous […]

Free Summer Fun in Central Florida

Free Fun Things to Do in Central Florida

If you call Central Florida home, there is a good chance that you live within a short drive of more than one destination that other folks can only get to in their dreams. While many think of Orlando fun exclusively in terms of its pricey theme parks, our area has so much more to offer […]