Grace Serves


There are several ways that you can be an active part of our ministry right now:

Donate blood to save a life. COVID-19 has increased the need for blood and decreased the number of blood donations. We are partnering with Circle Community Church to host a OneBlood Bus at the Grace Church building from noon to 5pm on Thursday, April 30th.

OneBlood is taking many increased cautions for donors, including increased sanitation, donations by appointment only, temperature screenings before entrance, a limited number of donors on the bus at one time. Staff is masked and gloved. Mask or face covering encouraged.

This event was a huge success — every slot filled!  Thank you Grace fam.



Help provide break room boxes to our local COVID units and ERs. You can help with delivery or help with supplies.

Drop off or ship any of the following items to Grace:

  • Small hand lotions bottles
  • Fresh, easy eat fruit (bananas, apples, easy peel oranges)
  • Fruit pouches

We’ll package them and add a message from Pastor Mike along with resource links to be support them. If you can deliver, email Kari Reith.



Support our ministry partner: Commission 127. In light of today’s pandemic, vulnerable children belong in families and these families need our help more than ever. Help ensure a family fosters longer and stronger by:

Training virtually and joining the C127 volunteer team to provide meals, resources, prayer, etc. here 

Grace currently has over 70 C127 team members serving 7 different foster families!

Giving $27 to help C127 raising $27,000 in 27 days here . Every dollar is matched by Chris Tomlin and his Angel Armies so give generously! Your donation will support their work to recruit new families to foster vulnerable children, provide support services (food, childcare, funds, spiritual support), and train Central Florida churches and volunteers on how best to support foster families and their children in need.



Pray, serve, give and gather with Team Grace members at Grace. 
Pastor Mike has encouraged us to do four things as a church in this season: pray, serve, give, and gather.

You can care for 10 Team Grace members (volunteer) from your campus in this way! We’ll give you a list so you can

  • Pray for them and their family daily
  • Serve them by writing them an encouraging postcard thanking them for how they serve the church
  • Give them your email or number in case they need anything
  • Gather by intentionally meeting or greeting them once we’re all back together

Email Kari Reith.



Help provide needed PPE. Bonnie Lewis, a member of Grace Orlando, has started an organization called Orlando Face Mask Strong. They are pursuing a goal to handcraft face masks for frontline, essential workers in our area at no cost to them.

They have already made a substantial impact, but there is still more need, and local business Rifle Paper Co. has given them fabric and supplies.

To register, email them at You can check them out on their Facebook group or Instagram for more info! 



Gather online with us each Sunday at 10am at and be engaged in sharing the content, live chatting during the service, or  encouraging other people who are there. We are reaching more and more people each week, many who would not be willing to attend church.