Finding Freedom: Romans Part I

How the gospel changes everything.


June 5/6: How to Live On Purpose Romans 1:1-15

June 12/13: How to Live Unashamed Romans 1:16-17

June 19/20: How Our Idols Twist Our Ideas Romans 1:18-32

June 26/27: To Judge or Not to Judge? Romans 2:1-11

July 3/ 4: Where Do I Find the Truth? Romans 2:12-16

July 10/11: A Lesson in Living the Truth Romans 2:17-29

July 17/18: When Our Idols Betray Us  Romans 3:1-20

July 24/25: Is God Just, or Is He Forgiving? Romans 3:21-31

July 30/Aug 1: Making Rules, Breaking Rules Romans 4:1-12

Aug 7/8: Releasing the Power of Your Faith Romans 4:13-25

Aug 14/15: Making Suffering Make Sense Romans 5:1-11

Aug 21/22: The Purpose of Pain  Romans 5:12-21

Aug 28/29: How Can I Come Alive?  Romans 6:1-14

Sept 4/5: Who Do You Belong To?  Romans 6:15-23


Series Sermons

Week #1

Finding Freedom | Week 1 | June 6, 2021

Listen to sermons from week 1 of our series, Finding Freedom: Romans Part I, including audio and video from our Orlando, Oviedo, and Winter Garden campuses.

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