Grace Strategic Partners

Grace partners with the following local organizations that help struggling, marginalized, or victimized people.

Bethany Christian Services

Bethany brings families together and keeps families together, working to strengthen and equip families for the well-being of children. They facilitate and support adoption and foster care, and they also provide counseling to families, assist refugees and immigrants, and partner with several international countries — all to help keep families together.

Commission 127

Commission 127 works to equip the body of Christ to support foster & adoptive families within local churches and surrounding neighborhoods. Kids in families have higher rates of success educationally, socially, and emotionally, and foster families need care to stick with their calling to make that happen. The Commission 127 vision is that every foster & adoptive family in Central Florida would be loved & supported by a caring community.

For more information, email Rechaud Bell.

Downtown Credo

We serve their coffee on Sundays; they open avenues for the people of Grace and Central Florida to serve their neighbors through rallies, co-working, the arts, neighborhood restoration and diversity projects, and more.

Edgewood Children's Ranch

This live-in school and mentoring program, a home to one of Grace’s campuses, takes students who are struggling in behavior and academics and gives them a new spiritual hope, a new future, and a new chance at education. Students live with house parents, attend school on site, and are challenged and changed through Christ’s love. They also attend Grace Edgewood weekly with their families, which helps strengthen their family unit in Christ before students finish the program and return home.


This local ministry merges personal, legal, and government assistance to obtain identification for people who have lost it through homelessness, family circumstances, adoption, theft, or tragedy. Identification helps these people get jobs, buy homes, have access to social services, and build a life.

Samaritan Village

Samaritan Village provides a safe place where sexually trafficked women can heal from trauma, recover from addiction, and reclaim their lives to become catalysts for change in their communities. Samaritan Village offers a long-term, trauma informed, and holistic care model of rehabilitation for survivors.