Where does your heart find home?

2020 has looked nothing like we thought it would. But it’s given us an incredible opportunity to see God at work here at Grace Church  in ways we’ve never seen before. We’ve had 50 people take their first step toward Christ in the last few weeks alone!

We’re asking everyone to be a part of this year’s Christmas Offering so that we can help more people find a true home in Jesus through spiritual, emotional, and practical help in 2021. 

If Grace has been a home to you, give today so that we can keep making it a home for others.

Give today to help people find home.

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Big hearted generosity: We gave $200,000 this year to help people in need.

We gave away more money than ever to help the sick, take care of the struggling, and counsel the hurting. We paid bills and bought food and medicine for many families who lost jobs, and we encouraged COVID medical teams with care and meals. 

Looking ahead to 2021: The uncertainty of this season hasn’t stopped, so we won’t either. We expect the demand for care to increase in the next year, and we want to be prepared to meet it with spiritual, emotional, and financial assistance. 

Constant Innovation: We built a full online live campus from scratch to keep you connected — and bring the gospel farther than we've ever done before.

Constant Innovation was a huge part of 2020, as we moved Grace online to keep Grace  — and your family — on mission. 

Our team went from never having hosted a single online service to developing an online worship experience overnight — and then growing and improving it all year long. 

In just eight months, we now have a full online broadcast campus, streaming live each Sunday

Looking ahead to 2021: Already, people are tuning into our services from around the country — even around the world! In the next year, we will work to expand our online campus, bringing the home you love at Grace to people we are called to love beyond our church walls.  We want to expand staff and opportunities for this campus.

Radical Hospitality: We opened the doors to our $300,000 Grace Counseling center for adults and kids, and provided $100,000 in reduced-cost counseling.

Grace invested in a huge expansion of our counseling ministry this year, so we could open our doors to hundreds of people who have emotional and spiritual needs in this season. 

We’ve given almost $100,000 toward reduced-cost counseling. We invested $300,000 in our brand new Grace Counseling Center, opening in December, with space to offer 9,000 hours of counseling this year, including a room focused on therapy for kids. 

Looking ahead to 2021: We will invest in staff and resources for counseling to continue Jesus’ ministry of teaching and healing in our city. 

Extraordinary Servanthood: We revolutionized Family Ministry to keep your kids taking steps toward Christ.

Your family taking its next steps toward Christ means everything to us. 

We overhauled our Family Ministry like no one else in 2020, with hand-delivered resources, Family Activity Boxes, digital learning opportunities, online small groups, and unique connection points like our Drive-In Mother’s Day Photo Booth and our Drive-Thru Promotion Sunday. We created spaces for kids and students to gather safely and kept families at home connected like never before. 

Looking ahead to 2021: We’ll keep it up, continually innovating to provide opportunities for your kids and students to know Christ more. 

Genuine Family: We added staff at every campus to help you take your next step toward Christ.

While many churches were downsizing during COVID, we prayed and took the risk to invest in people at every campus who invest in you with their whole lives. 

Give today.

100% of your gift is tax-deductible. 

But more important, 100% of your gift helps people find home in Jesus and take their next steps.

Our generosity goal of $1 million during December includes our regular general giving plus additional giving we’re asking you to pray about and be a part of this Christmas. 

Give today. Secure and fast.

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