Grace Communities

Grace Communities are smaller gatherings around the city that connect us for growth, friendship and service.


What do Grace Communities do?
Grace Communities meet regularly for study, friendship, support, prayer and service. Communities are free to choose books or studies to pursue on their own — and some review and discuss the message from Sunday using our Discussion Guides. Communities often break from learning for a service project or engaging others at a neighborhood event, or just to hang out and have fun.


How can I join a Grace Community?
Fill out this form, and we’ll help you find one that’s a fit for you.


How many people are in each Grace Community?
The number varies but can be anywhere from 12-30.


There’s no Community in my area/the group in my area meets on a bad night for me. Can I choose a Community in another neighborhood/will there be more Communities soon?

Sure. Our Communities are challenged to influence their neighborhoods, so that’s why we encourage participation in a group near you. But if that’s not a option, feel free to join a community that fits you best. More Communities are launched each fall and spring.


Is there childcare available?
In some Communities, yes, and in some, children are welcome to join the group. The details regarding cost and location of childcare are worked out within each Community.


What if I’m interested in hosting or leading a Community?
Leaders are trained each fall and spring for new Grace Community launches. Fill out a leadership application if you’re interested in leading a group, hosting one in your home, or both.