Grace Edgewood

Sundays at 3:00p when students are in residence

Grace Edgewood is a unique campus, functioning as a ministry of our pastors and staff to the students, families, and staff of Edgewood Children’s Ranch.

The Ranch is a residential program and school for students ages 6-17 who need redirection and guidance in life and education. Grace Edgewood is a weekly service for not only these students but their families as well, encouraging and reaching the whole family for Christ. In addition, Grace Edgewood serves the staff and houseparents at the school, becoming a church community for them.

Anyone is welcome to attend. Services are held on most Sundays through out the school year; please confirm the service schedule before you travel by emailing

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Edgewood Children’s Ranch
1451 Edgewood Ranch Road
Orlando, FL 32810

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