Join us this summer as we begin a study of leadership in the book of I Samuel. 

From Pastor Mike Adkins’ letter in the Summer 2018 Grace Magazine:

You may not feel like you are a leader, but you are. Someone is following you, whether you know it or not. They are watching your choices at work, at home, at school, or in the store. They are soaking up your actions and words and deciding if you are someone they want to imitate or avoid.

And you may not think you are following someone, but you are. Even the most independent-minded person watches and learns from the personalities, voices, shows, movies, books, and social media he or she consumes. We are a product of the information we take in.

To take our leadership seriously, first, we have to acknowledge it. But the next step is surprising: we have to take our followership seriously. Like the Apostle Paul, we can only proclaim boldly that people should imitate us when we imitate Christ.

We’ve wrapped up more than a year of sermons in the book of John, so this summer, we are going to study these principles by diving into the Old Testament for a season — the book of I Samuel. We are going to explore the lives of Hannah, Eli, Samuel, and Saul and what each of their leadership choices ultimately meant to their lives and to the people around them.

We are going to explore what it truly means to follow God so closely that we can be confident in asking others to follow us, and how He reveals Himself not through our strengths, but through our weaknesses.


Meets at Grassy Lake Elementary School
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Pastor Caleb Brasher

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2300 Pembrook Drive, Orlando
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Senior Pastor Mike Adkins

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Pastor Grant Nixon