Care and Counseling


Need prayer? Submit your request, and we’ll share it only with our confidential prayer team.

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Our Grace Communities are our best source of care in the church, designed to connect the people of Grace in ongoing relationship to support each other through life’s hard places.

In situations where individual guidance is best, Grace does offer limited pastoral/elder counseling with referrals as necessary, depending on situation and need.

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Hospital Visits

If you or a family member are in the hospital or are scheduled to be soon, please let us know and our hospital team will stop by to visit and pray with you. We also schedule pastoral and elder visits to discuss spiritual issues with those facing the end of life.

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Financial Assistance

If you are in need of emergency financial assistance, Grace has designated resources to help. You need not be a member or attender of Grace to apply; however, funding is limited and approval is dependent on a variety of factors, including cause of financial crisis and, potentially, future financial planning and education. A Grace elder personally assesses your situation after reviewing your submission.

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Memorial Services

Our pastors perform memorial services as available for those in our congregation and their family members. Contact us for information and pastoral availability.