The 2019 Christmas Offering is a challenge to grow in your discipleship through generosity — to give in a way that reflects that God is first in your life this Advent season. We’ve set a big goal of $900,000 — increasing our regular December giving by 20% over the same month last year —so that we can expand our ministry at all Grace campuses in 2020 and help more people take their next steps toward Christ:

A New Grace Counseling Center 

  • Did you know? One of the warehouses at the Grace building is home to 1,500 square feet of office space that we did not include in our initial renovation in 2016-7. Through your generosity in the Christmas Offering, we will build out this space into Grace’s first-ever Counseling Center!
  • These five new counseling offices equal more than 9,000 hours of potential reduced and free counseling per year.
  • We’re planning for a soft opening during the summer, with a grand opening scheduled for Fall Kickoff 2020.

Commission 127

We will continue to partner with the work of Grace’s own Rechaud and Betsey Bell through Commission 127. This ministry partners with churches to build teams to support foster families. Teams consist of 4-8 committed volunteers who support and serve the foster or adoptive family through regular and ongoing practical help such as meals, prayer, tutoring, child care, transportation, laundry, and yard work. Their progress in their first year has been astounding:

  • Volunteers currently serving: 394
  • Volunteers trained through Grace: 112
  • Number of families served by a Care Team: 49
  • Number of families served by a Grace Care Team: 11
  • Number of kids adopted: 3
  • Number of foster kids in families helped: 90
  • Number of kids reunified with family: 15
  • Number of churches with active care communities: 9

Ministry Advancement

This offering goal of $900,000 gets 2020 started strong. We plan to expand our staff and resources to meet and get ahead of the ministry needed to steward the stories of the people God is sending to Grace.

We also continue to pay down debt and save to be prepared for future Grace facilities.

We will also continue our work in the community through our school and organizational  partnerships, giving to families in immediate financial need, and by hosting our Back to School Shop.

Read more about all God did through you and your generosity this year in our 2019 Annual Report. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Why the $900,000 goal? Is this a campaign?

This isn’t an extended campaign, but rather an end-of-year challenge to increase our total giving over last December by 20%. The $900,000 goal includes our regular expected December giving and additional generosity we are asking you to prayerfully consider at the end of this year. The Christmas Offering will allow us to launch 2020 well and confidently plan for a new season of ministry at all campuses, as well as complete a new and exciting project — our first Grace Counseling Center.

Is $900,000 the total goal for all campuses?

Yes. This goal supports the budget and ministries for all campuses, and we are asking all campuses to give toward this goal.

What will the increasing giving be used for?

We will be expanding our gospel-centered Care and Counseling Ministry at Grace in 2019 by building out the existing office space in the warehouses at Grace Church into a permanent Counseling Center. We plan to soft-open this facility in the summer of 2020, with a grand opening scheduled at Fall Kickoff in September. In 2019, we were able to provide 1,500 hours of free or reduced counseling by doubling up in the very limited office space we have; the new space will equip us to provide up to 9,000 additional hours of counseling.

We will also continue to give to Commission 127 to support foster families and children, to pay down debt and save for future facilities, and to expand our ministry at all campuses through additional staffing and resources.