What's up with the new building? Updated.



We’ve come a long way in just a few weeks: The demo phase has been completed, and we’re well into construction! It’s a dusty, dirty, exciting mess, and we thought you’d like to see a few photos of the progress. Scroll down even further to see the original post about where we started.

Building Progress  |  September 2016

Welcome to the foyer and a big part of what makes this building special. Not only will this welcome people on Sundays for Grace Orlando, but it will be a gathering spot available to any of our campuses throughout the week. Look up and you'll see a second story; this was storage space for the previous owners, but we opened up the wall to create even more community space on a second level.
This is a view back into the foyer from our Family Entrance, and you're seeing it from the spot where we'll have just about the only "fancy" thing in this building, an indoor playground for kids. This isn't as much for Sundays as it will be a place for Grace parents and kids during the week. More to come on that!
We're inside the sanctuary/auditorium here in the back right corner. The floor in this room was originally three levels, but it's now been built up to be one height across the room. You can see the outline of the rounded stage in the middle. Those tower murals on either side of the stage were part of the Bahia Shrine. They'll be gone very soon...
A view back into the auditorium from stage left. We drastically reduced the size of this room from its original scale — our vision remains focused on worshipping and serving in connected neighborhood communities.
A view of the room standing at the very edge of the stage. The teaching pastor and the band will belong to the room instead of being separate from it. There'll be a room for parents with infants in the back.
All of the large classrooms along the graceKIDS halls have now been framed into two rooms to create great spaces for our children.
The graceKIDS wing is seeing a lot of work right now, as they trench in plumbing to provide restrooms in almost every kids classroom. Safer for kids; easier for volunteers.
The commercial kitchen in the original building was HUGE. We kept about a third of it — plenty to prep for almost any event — and reclaimed a ton of this space to use for GraceStudents and classrooms.
This once was a full-fledged bar, now it's a cluster of GraceStudents classrooms and gathering space.
This room, which has passthrough access to the kitchen on the left, will serve as a multi-purpose event, meeting, and classroom space for mid-size events.
We've roughed in two rooms on one side of the multipurpose room -- this one the photographer is standing in is a conference room. The one in front of it to the right is a storage room for tables and chairs that we'll use in the auditorium and this larger room.
One last look at the worship space from the entrance. This exact view won't be possible soon; they'll be building an entry way here to help traffic flow into the room. Anyone want two giant Shriner tower posters? 🙂


After praying and searching for a building since our founding in 2003, Grace has purchased the former Bahia Shrine building at 2300 Pembrook Drive, Orlando to serve as a weekly worship space for the Orlando campus and as a Church Planting Center for the entire Grace network.

The almost 10-acre property includes 44,000 square-feet of worship, classroom, gathering, office, all-campus event space, a 750-person capacity outdoor pavilion, and 10,000 square feet of warehouse space to build and store the equipment we need to continue to launch new campuses to reach Central Florida neighborhoods.

The building is on the opposite side of Maitland Blvd from the RDV Sportsplex, and, like our current Orlando campus, is located in the Edgewater High School district. Because the building is already well-suited to our needs, the project is more of a remodel and redecoration than an extensive rebuild.

We’ve been working behind the scenes this spring and summer to lay the groundwork for two things: the construction process, and the discipleship initiative we’ll be launching this fall to prepare the way for us to occupy the building in the first half of 2017.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • We have finalized a space plan that meets our needs, completed our design phase, and now have working architectural drawings. Those have been delivered to Orange County for permitting.
  • We have an early start permit that allows us to begin some aspects of the renovation process.
  • Construction teams started mobilizing on the site for preliminary work on August 8th.

Continue to pray for Grace as we move into fall — it’s an incredibly busy but incredibly exciting time!


“Before” Shots |  2300 Pembrook Drive, Orlando

Building exterior, east side. The family entrance will be located here.
The opposite side of the building, the west side. This will be another main entrance on the weekend and the office entrance during the week.
The front entrance, under the portico. This opens directly into the foyer.
The foyer. It's large now, but we'll be expanding it even more to use for community gatherings and just hanging out on Sundays and throughout the week. It's going to be more clean and simple and a lot less giant crystal chandelier.
This is a shot of the current auditorium from the stage. We'll actually be reducing the size of this room to provide more connected, community space for worship.
A view from the opposite side of the foyer, looking down the hall toward what will be the office space.
This is a large community space off of the main sanctuary that can be used for mid-size events.
This is one of the many meeting spaces on the east hall that will be subdivided to create kids' classrooms.
The building has a large commercial kitchen. We'll keep some of this space for cooking and serving, but some of it will be repurposed for needed student and classroom space.
One of the best places on the property is the outdoor picnic pavilion, with restrooms and seating for 750. Perfect for the way we do ministry and life together.
The built-in outdoor grill in the picnic pavilion.
10,000 square feet of warehouse space on the property — perfect for storing all the equipment we need to plant and resource new campuses.